Building Forensics

The forensic building consultants offer expert analysis, investigation and advice on building problems. this may also include matters that relate to a court of law or other legal matters where we will serve as an expert witness. Vernon Dunagin, AIA guides and assists clients throughout the design and construction phases, effectively managing the project for quality assurance and dealing quickly and efficiently with unforeseen conditions.

The forensic building consultants offer expert advice on matters that relate to a court of law or other legal matters. Vernon Dunagin, AIA guides and consults clients throughout the pre-construction and construction phase to manage unforeseen conditions with quality assurance.

Clients range from public entities, commercial business owners, insurance carriers, contractors, material manufacturers and design professionals and entrust the firm to provide effective solutions and tailored recommendations to meet the project design with new and already existing buildings.

Expert Witness

The firm determines the cause and responsibility; identifies the nature and extent of damage or loss and provide a full range of forensic  investigation and recovery solutions. We’ve worked on a variety of cases from product liability to construction defect to fire investigations and have the experience necessary to determine cause and act as an expert resource.

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